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This FAQ page contains important facts about air duct cleaning. Are you wondering where to buy air duct materials from? Find out how to maintain ducts properly and what tools will be useful.

What are the products and tools needed for air conditioning duct cleaning?

To properly, do air conditioning duct cleaning, a number of tools will be needed.These tools include a screwdriver for removing duct receptacle covers, a duster to loosen dusts and cobwebs that have accumulated in the ducts, a vacuum cleaner to suck out dirt, and a new filter to replace the old one that has already gathered debris, dusts, and cobwebs. Most specialists at Air Duct Cleaning West Hollywood recommend changing air duct filters every month.

How do I maintain my air ducts?

Air duct maintenance is important to avoid having problems with leaks and clogging that cause inefficiencies in heating or cooling systems. Maintenance is comparable to cleaning although it involves having to deal with minimal amounts of dust and debris. Vacuuming the ducts may not be necessary yet. Maintenance work may focus on the external parts to help keep good air flow into the filter and ducts. What's important to is help prevent dust and debris from quickly accumulating.

Where do I buy air duct materials?

Most hardware or do-it-yourself stores carry air duct materials including the supplies needed to fasten air ducts together. Air duct insulation materials are also available at hardware stores. If you are not sure about the items to buy, don't hesitate to ask store attendants. Experts from Air Duct Cleaning West Hollywood can offer assistance about the materials you need and the procedures you have to undertake to clean or repair your air ducts.

What must I watch out for before I buy new air ducts?

Air duct replacement takes place very rarely, especially if you do air duct cleaning. Hence, you need to emphasize on the quality of the ducts according to Air Duct Cleaning West Hollywood. Ensure the materials are of the highest quality even if they cost more because you will save money from energy saving later. Make sure they are insulated and give great attention to the proper installation and sealing.

Are air duct seal repairs reliable?

Yes. There are several brands of commercial and industrial air duct sealing materials that are being used by service companies. According to our experts, the best sealants can last up to 10 years without failing. These sealants provide quick and reliable repairs for air duct damage.

What is the best schedule for replacing disposable air filters?

This depends on the efficiency rating of the HVAC filter. The lower the rating is the more often the filter has to be changed. It is best to follow the schedule recommended by the manufacturer. Still, it is important to check the filter regularly. If it is dirty, it should be changed right away. In general, the filters in homes with pets, smokers and allergy sufferers will need more frequent replacement.

Should antimicrobial chemicals be used to rid air ducts of contamination?

In most cases antimicrobial chemicals are not necessary to clean and purify microbial contamination such as mold, bacteria or viruses in your air ducts. However, they may be necessary in certain extreme cases. However, their use isn't normally a part of an air duct cleaning project.

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